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To spend or not to spend: The austerity debate

Originally posted on 3QuarksDaily Public sector austerity has come back to the West in a big way. Governments throughout the…

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Football, Finance, and Surprises

Originally posted on 3QuarksDaily. As the New Orleans Saints lined up to kick off the second half of Super Bowl…

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I know I've been absent, but I've been Quarking regularly, promise

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written here, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve found a better way…

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Adventure Capital: Condos, Groupon and Big Pharma

Originally posted on 3QuarksDaily. The late economist Hyman Minsky wrote that after fortunes inflate on the back of a speculative…

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Should we fear fear itself?

Originally posted on 3QuarksDaily. People are worried about the Euro. As bad news flows out of Europe – persistent unemployment,…

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